Back To Back Cherry

After the Leafs first back-to-back we may have an idea of the hockey we are to see over the next 5 1/2 months. A somewhat energetic fore check followed by leaving the goalie out to dry. Cujo played admirably in his game and due to a user error, I didn't get to see the Rangers game from Friday. Hagman continues to impress me along with whoever they put with him. As long as they are fast and can play a puck possession game they get along with Hagman. Kulemin and Grabovski fit that bill and Hagman's line was by far the best line on the ice for either team. Yes, I think they played better thatn the Crosby line. All the Crosby line points were gimmes against the worst penalty kill in the league(I can't back that up with stats, but have you seen the Leafs penalty kill?).

The next Leafs game is against Anaheim Ducks. I don't know who they are going to call up to fight....maybe Bell? Could be his last chance at the NHL. More on Wednesday(I said moron!!)

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