NHL 09 Preview

I searched the internets everyday for new information on NHL 09. I happened on this today and it has raised my excitement for this years iteration of the game(apparently this video came out on August 12th, but it's the first time I've seen it). Have a look if you are at all interested. I think I may have a new hero(for a while, anyways). David Littman, the Producer of the game, leads the commentary on the video(while playing). He seems to truly love hockey and his love shines through during the game. He is constantly saying things about little aspects of the game as they happen. At one point he gushes about an effective poke check. The other thing that I liked was the amount of fun all the people that were playing seemed to be having. You can hear one the the guys say Son of a Bitch! when his team got scored on in the background. Get ready for NHL 09 which ships on September 9th!

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