Not Writing About NHL 09

By complete accident I have spiked my blog's readership. It seems all you have to do is type the words "NHL 09 Preview" or "NHL 2K9 Demo Review" and suddenly I have a bunch a hits! I was going to entitle today's entry "Free Sex and Beer", but that's not the readership I'm going for. I will be adding some links to some older blogs I have here at Blogspot. I have several interests other than hockey that I occasionally write about that would just be inappropriate in a Leafs Fan Forum. For an actual hockey fans hands on opinion of the PS3 NHL 09 Demo have a look at Going Five Holes' experience along with a Sex, Lies and Videotape quality video of the game in action. (A P.S. to add to this that I will be moving this weekend and will be without interweb until my ISP comes and hooks me up on 09/02/08)

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