Bad Fan

I found out this morning, by randomly searching TicketMasters for Leafs tickets in Vancouver THAT THEY ARE SOLD OUT! I set up an alert to tell me when ANY seasons tickets went on sale AND I TRUSTED THEM. So, this year my coverage will all be from my FULL SEASON of NHL Center ICE! The full season cost me less than what TicketMasters wanted for one ticket in the lower bowl(by about $100 CDN). I really am kicking myself. It will be at least 14 months til the next time they are here. Maybe there is a seat sale to Edmonton around then and I can go with my Dad to an Oilers/Leafs tilt(one can dream, right?).

Last Nights Game:

Laugh of the Night: Stralman falling on his ass and giving the puck to Malkin

Play of the Game: Grabovski pounding to the net and beating Sabourin five-hole

Something to Build On: Kulemin and Hagman's speed on the same line

Whipping Boy:Tim Stapleton for his four minutes in penalties

Player of the Game: Niklas Hagman with a great two way game and flashes of his tenacity

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