Flotsam vs Jetsam

Flotsam - flot~sam - noun - material(Van Ryn) or refuse floating on water(in Florida)

Jetsam - jet~sam - noun - goods(McCabe) cast overboard deliberately, as to lighten a vessel or improve its stability.

So, Leafs fans, you now have been presented with the new Cliff Fletcher Flotsam/Jetsam trade. Remeber this after 25 games......Van Ryn didn't have to pass a physical and is making $3.35 million a season for two more years. Van Ryn and Colaiacovo should probably combine for more than half a season in man games lost. We just may see Schenn before the end of the season!

P.S. I am without the interweb at home until at least Friday, so updates may continue to be sporadic Edit: I just found out the NHL 09 demo is out for download on XBox Live and I won't have interweb for a week I AM PISSED!

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Anonymous said...

omg Ant, you are SUCH a Toronto Leafs N E R D! I love it.