Brief Playoff Chime

I thought I'd pipe up a little before I ship out........I watched the Calgary game last night. As an avid Leaf fanatic(ALF), I whole-heartedly support Mike Cammalleri's hit to Martin Havlat.

Having Mike come back and score a goal was nice, too. One thing I'd like to see less of is dim-witted defensemen pushing players into their goaltenders. This cost Calgary the game and the Oilers the cup when M.A. Bergeron broke Roloson in the finals. With the Calgary game ending poorly, I was excited to watch the Bruins get their poop-in-a-scoop in the third to throttle the Habs. Yes, I hate the Habs more than Boston so I'm rooting for the Bruins. Hiller getting a shutout against the "powerhouse" Sharks was a treat. I like that he got the shutout, but does anyone know why Giguere isn't playing? Has he sucked that bad? This is his time of year. That huge jersey and his bear hug on rebounds are legen-(wait-for-it)-dary. Those are all the games I watched last night, I should be watching the 'Nucks game when I get home. I want to cram as much playoffs in before I leave for N.O. I also want to cram a few NHL09 games in too. Own an XBox and play NHL09? Add me! My Gamertag is Haeyena

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