I'd Like To Enjoy Watching The leafs Again

Wouldn't you? I've grown tired of the predictability of the outcome of every game. I am weary of how far people will stretch to find a story in a lost season. My favorite is the trials and tribulations of Kessel trying to get his groove back. Matched with the stories of the lost draft picks and how we would have gotten Taylor Hall, for sure. Does the possibility sting? Hell, yeah. Can w, as fans, do anything about it? Not a chance in hell...... What's left after all the whining, conjecture and grave digging is done? Maybe actually getting entertained watching the product we pay to see. My Maple Leafs don't need to make the playoffs every year. They do have to entertain me. The biggest slap in the face this season for me was that the Leafs at Florida game was set to be televised on CBC. It was then switched for the Montreal/Rangers game. With no alternate feed, not even the Punjabi telecast, I was left to watch updates on a borrowed iPod. Having dropped over $200 CAD on Center Ice, I found that I was being mocked by a universe where big money had lost interest in it's prime market.

The Toronto Maple Leafs have finally become what all of the Leaf-haters have been calling them all these years......irrelevant. As far as I can see it, the one thing I better start seeing fast, before I completely lose interest out of contempt, is some kind of effort to entertain. I find myself missing Colton Orr picking a fight for no good reason, like the beginning of the season. Maybe seeing SOMEBODY score a bloody goal here and there. Thomas Vokoun is not an elite goaltender anymore. Nor does he have a shut down defense. Let's see some action Leafs. Give me something to keep my passion. I've watched some lousy Leafs teams in the last 20+ years, but at least I had some icons to cling to or ten point games to reminisce about. It's time my beloved Maple Leafs......it's time to give back. (oh, and you owe me $2.38 for the game I missed on Saturday).

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