Leafs Look To Rebound.......Hard

With the Maple Leafs only winning once in their 6last games, I am sure that Ron Wilson will eventually run out of witticisms. Toronto lost 6 -5 in a shootout against Carolina in November for their last meeting with the 'Canes. Having a friend that is a 'Canes fan is a mixed blessing. On one hand he can more than feel my pain regarding the suckitude of his team (especially because he watches them in person) and on the other if the 'Canes beat the Leafs it is more than humiliating. I can always say "At least I'm not a 'Canes fan", except when we lose to them. All he has to do is rub in the fact that the 'Canes lottery pick will look great in red next year. Then I weep, like a small child.

I'm getting to the point where I have to stop looking for the small moral victories, too. I can't even celebrate a PK because the Leafs let 4 of 5 in over 2 games. Honestly I can't see how anyone can still think that the Leafs have a chance to get back into the playoff picture. When they were 3 points out, they may have had a chance if they had gone on a 5 game win streak. Alas, this did not happen. This leaves us as Leafs fans to watch a team that may or may not be getting better in the next two years. This leads me to........Please Let Me See The Kids If They Are Going To Lose Anyways! And WHY NOT NOW!?

Yes, my stress level has risen and my patience has worn. Also the "FF" is wearing off on my PVR remote. All I'm really asking for is a little hope. That is a hard thing to grab onto with the PK the way it is. I turn my head and wait for the goal horn to let me know it's over. Moving forward I will be watching for the scoring droughts to end. Once that fails, what's next?

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