Buffalo In Town

The Sabres are 3-3-1 in January and have been running around .500 since the new year. They do, although, sit 12 points ahead of the Leafs in 7th place(tied with Florida). They are getting a little excited, as they are already pedaling playoff tickets on their website. With 7 teams between 60 and 69 points, I wouldn't get ahead of yourselves.

I think it is almost time to start a pool to see how many points Blake and Moore will get in the next game. I'm wondering if their "sudden" success is due to the Leafs being as bottom feeder and teams taking them a little less seriously. I'm not sure how I would find it out, but I'm curious to see what caliber of teams, the Blake line has been playing against.

With how long Pogge usually spends with the big club, it is almost a certainty that he will play tonight. Hopefully he will go up against Miller as they have a similar tall, skinny playing style. It would be cool to watch the head to head. ALthough, reading up on the Sabres website, "Miller, who needed only 16 saves for his shutout on Feb. 4, has allowed three goals on 77 shots in starting all 2008-09 games versus the Maple Leafs, improving to 14-7-0 with a 2.43 GAA in 21 career starts." Daunting to say the least, but what does press mean when you're out of the playoffs and playing to keep your career alive(I'm talking about you, Mitchell, SHOOT MORE damnit). That being said about my continued frustration with Mitchell, has anyone seen STajan lately? That kid has DISAPPEARED.

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