This Is What It Sounds Like When Doves Cry

I think Joe Bowen can finally stop puking out the stat about how many times the Leafs score the first goal.....IT DOESN'T MAKE A DIFFERENCE. And it's almost as if Stempniak read the blogosphere yesterday, with his 2 goal performance. Hagman continues to play with a pissy attitude in front of the net, which isn't too shabby for a 6' 200 pounder. I think I'd have to watch the game again to figure out how Schenn is -3 and Finger is +2???? The whole mess doesn't really come into perspective until you realize that despite how many goals the Leafs score the opposition is always able to score more. Four goals should win a hockey game in the NHL, SERIOUSLY! I've noticed that they are peeling back Schenn's ice time, only 18:15 last night from 21:31 on Tuesday. This may be from the accumulated -5 in two games, maybe? Overall, losing to a goaltender signing his first NHL contract a week ago in his second game should really sober up a team, yeah? We'll see back at home versus Pittsburgh Saturday.

P.S. Could Cujo flop around and slide out of his crease more?

P.P.S. No

New Feature!

Seeing as the Leafs have obviously missed the playoffs for 300 years, I have developed an affinity for the Calgary Flames. Yes, you read right.....Through years of Hockey Night In Canada, living on the west coast and not liking the top line of the Canucks(Brendan Morrison a first line center, really?) and my wife actually making a connection with hockey watching Kiprusoff save game after game, I have watched the Flames with growing interest. Now I want you to understand one thing, they are my backup team. I would love to follow a Canadian team in the playoffs and:

Senators: Hockey's version of a Raspberry scented douche
Canadiens: I will watch and laugh as they miss the playoffs in their 99th year
s'Oilers: Inconsistency is the new consistency! 19 goals against in two games, even if they make the playoffs, they bow out the first round
Canucks: Still love Sundin, but Luongo found a new way to let 4 goals a game in. Vanvouver Island has some great golf courses!

So, there you have it. Calgary would also be a great team to model after. They have youth, speed and a veteran presence in a great balance. Goaltending is solid to say the least. I was going to add a few words about yesterday's game, but I think I have talked about Kiprusoff enough(hint: he got a shutout)

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eyebleaf said...

Ah, the good old backup team. We've all got one or two.