Pogge Gets Shelled

Justin got stuck behind a uncaring, lazy group of men last night. With a grand total of 16 sterile shots for and 32 potent shots against, the Leafs never showed up in Buffalo. The book may not be out on Pogge yet, but the pamphlet loudly reads "Go cross-crease on this kid". And they did. By recollection, like the recollection one has of being beaten in a school ground fight, I believe that 3 of the 5 goals were lateral moving one-timers. Vanek's natural hat trick was the only thing of note other than the fact last night's game let the Leafs know that they are sorely missing an agitator. Kaleta ran willy-nilly(I'll use that phrase often from here on out on Far Away Leaf, it's just not used enough in print), pissing everyone off. One thing that really stood out for me was John Mitchell. I have a little advice for John; Shoot or get out of the slot! Back-peddling through the slot is getting really frustrating, at least for me. SHOOT THE GD PUCK.

Luke Schenn is definitely getting direction behind the scenes that last few weeks. That direction must be, "Why don't you go ahead and take some risk offensively when you see the opportunity?" Luke was having no problems getting caught up ice until the All Star Break. A Lame stat; Luke leads the NHL with 58 shots with no goal.

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Penison Plan Puppets said...

I am not sure that the book on Pogge is to go cross crease. He has made some great cross crease passes. That play just seems to make up a huge part of the Sabres' normal offensce.