Ducks/Wings Game 6

I'm back from holidays and watching non-stop playoffs!!!!1!! The game last night had the Ducks' signature style on it, but with the won ton penalty-taking excluded. There is a key element to the style of players that the Ducks have on board. A ability to play a system and the willingness to stick to them. Watching the Ducks get the puck from behind the net to the boards and out over and over is a sight to behold after watching the Leafs stall at the blue line again and again. Once the puck is in the neutral zone, the team spreads across the zone to defuse any trap-like qualities in their adversaries. This is something that Burke should be bringing to the Leafs in short order. I think watching the Ducks in the post season will give us a good idea about where the Leafs are going in the next two years. Not that I'm saying we'll have a Pronger and some Niedermayers in the next two years, but maybe some Getzlafs and Perrys. Here's hoping. And, oh yeah, Ducks won and I am pulling for them for Thursday(I can't stand Detriot fans).