Leafs Will Beat Buffalo Thursday

Do you know how I know? I crawled out from under a soiled Leafs practice jersey to see if I would see my shadow. I blinked from the glare of the static left after the Punjabi Leafs coverage has gone off the air(we don't get Leafs games out west anymore on Saturdays). I saw a long, very wide, shadow along the wall leering down over me in my living room. This was surely the sign I was waiting for. It was a sign that the Leafs would finally solve Ryan Miller. I read up on my favorite team's activity today and found that they were going to play that new fella from the higher learning barn they just signed. You know, the guy who had the 15 goals and it was supposed to impress me. Well at least he will be the largest Leaf in the ice tomorrow. Maybe he and Luca can work out together and get those final 15 pounds onto Caputi's frame.

After taking 6 weeks off from blogging about the Leafs, I think I can hammer out at least this one before I start getting ready to watch the playoffs with aloof belligerence. Even old faithful Miikka Kiprusoff let me down this year(not really, even with all those high-scoring ex-Leafs, Calgary can't be averaging a goal for a game). So basically, I have the mild curiosity of which over-rated goaltender will be in the finals; Fleury or Theodore. I'm sure Jimmy Howard will get the Carey Price introduction to the playoffs and be a shattered hull of a man for the rest of his North American career. The true hockey highlight the last month, other than the second over .500 month of the season, had to be the Don Cherry movie on CBC. I was truly amazed and the story has stuck with me. To be honest Cherry had crossed the line into get-off-my-lawn-isms and become a caricature of the person the masses had always thought he was. I grew up in Alberta, I'm used to people without book smarts still being a great human being with tonnes to offer. That was how I viewed Cherry for decades. Then he broke when his wife, Rose, died. He went downhill and hasn't really recovered. The movie reminded me of who I used to look forward to watching between periods(back when I couldn't fast forward the breaks).

I'm going to try my damnedest to get blogging 'til the end of the season and see if I can get my readership back up over 4 per day. I'm sure they're looking for Russian brides or blankets with armholes, but I never look a gift horse in the mouth.