Who Will Be The Leafs Next 50 Goal Scorer?

Not since Dave Andreychuk in the 1993/94 season has a Maple Leaf scored over 50 goals when he scored 53. Going into the new season there's a pretty good chance that we won't see 50 goals scored by one line, let alone one player. So how will the Leafs attain their next prolific scorer? If it's through the draft then fans will be waiting until well into the 2000-teens for the next player to cap 50. In my estimation we haven't drafted that scorer yet. Could that athlete come via free agency? Well, there aren't too many players capable of doing this. Would we be able to pick up, Heatley, Iginla, Ovenchkin or Lecavalier? Not likely and no, thank you. At this point it would be great if we could have another 30 goal scorer. The last Leaf to score at least 30 was Mats Sundin in 2007/08. We won't be seeing a 50 goal man for quite some time and from I-don't-know-where, but here's hoping that one of or young guns can challenge the 30 goal plateau!

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