All Those Little Things

I do believe there have been a few transformations of Leafs players that were left from the "Maurice Years". The most obvious is Dominic Moore. From fourth line plugger to worthy of wearing a "C". Another is Ian White's moving to forward and being effective, if not a little tired at the end of a game. The transformation that worries me, though, is the one of Tomas Kaberle. It seems Kabby has taken Bryan McCabe's place as the absolute worst defenseman for keeping the puck in at the point. I have noticed that it's worse at home, so maybe the ice quality could be a factor. So many times on the powerplay against Carolina last night the puck has squirted back to Toskala(who I am afraid may just let it in the way he has played the last 5 games). It also looks as though Kaberle hasn't quite bought into the whole "we're going to move the puck quickly up the ice" thing. Although very good at avoiding and deking through the neutral zone, I am sure that it gives Ron Wilson gas watching the potential turn overs. Whatever happened to Kaberle's long effective passes? Too much pressure with more leadership to deal with, maybe? Kaberle was the one I thought would rise above and really take this team by the horns(maybe it was hope). Not sure what can be done about intangibles such as leadership, but watching 3 goal come backs may be exciting, but may also give me heart problems.

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