Veterans Continue To Come Up Short

More mistakes from veteran players and poor play by Vesa Toskala continue to take the Leafs down a losing path. I'm not going to bother to address the whole "they couldn't come back this time" thing. They shouldn't have to. The best players night in and night out have been the players with less than 150 NHL games on their resume. Key turnovers at the blue line by Ponikarovsky and others have ended up in the net. The most concerning thing for me is how the Leafs coaching staff continue to let Jsaon Blake take 2 minute shifts. What good is his speed if he runs around for two minutes chasing the puck like a spaniel chases a bumper? He already has the built in problem of being put on his rear end deep in the offensive zone every time he is in there. All in all there are some looming trends that need to be shored up in order to be watching a more consistent team. Ron Wilson turned down a question post game about what the team needed to work on most. That in itself is a little scary to me.

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