If Cujo Made A Save....

Perhaps on the second shot, that would have been nice. Asking a young team to play mistake free hockey is ridiculous. Having a guy with 449 wins to maybe steal a game instead of doing his now-patented "goddammit double fist pump" would be much appreciated, too. I'm not going to be that guy giving Cujo kudos for saving a breakaway that Ilya Kovulchuk shot into his sullied logo. The score could easily have been 8-3 with the swim practice he had in the third period. I'm not blaming Cujo, an idol of mine for quite some time, for this loss. I'm asking him to do his job and push the indifferent starting goaltender to do his job. I'm asking other Leafs fans not to try to put a positive spin on a game by acting like they knew who Stempniak was the whole time, they were just waiting to see what you knew about him. I've done some top-of-my-head math and if the leafs play the next 61 games like they have the last ten, they will win a grand total of 12 more games this season. That is a long season, one I was prepared for, but not prepared to like very much.

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