Oh Woe Is The One-timer

How many one-timers can the Leafs allow into their goal in one game? In Calgary, 3 out of 4 goals(or so it felt). The new defense mechanism that Ron Wilson has trained our beloved Leafs is to have the Defensemen stick to the post and not chase players with the puck behind the net. Sounds feasible. Until that opposing player goes around in front of the net and Tomas Kaberle is still screening his goalie and deflects the puck in past his unsuspecting goaltender. As unflappable as the coaching staff say Toskala is, I am hoping that he starts getting a little pissed off soon. Toskala is earning his goals-against and save percentages. I know, I know, the defense isn't helping on some of the goals. Last year, in front of a crappier team, Toskala single-handedly kept the Leafs in some games. That is what you come to expect and need from a starting goaltender. I have a sneaking suspicion that Cujo may play in the next two games and I wouldn't be looking forward to a duel between Cujo and Luongo. Last time I saw Cujo play for the Leafs in Vancouver it was a 6-5 OT win for Toronto, while McCabe took out Mogilny for ten games by being Bryan McCabe and breaking Mogilny's hip(and lots of people swore ate me for wearing a Leafs jersey, the OT win was worth it). Not to mention the Brashear/Belak fight. I'm not sure which game would be better. The one in 2002 or on Saturday?

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