At Last

At last the Leafs are playing up to their potential. Watching Montreal destroy the Leafs, making them look worse than the Marlies, was painful. It was a pain I was consciously trying to make myself get used to. Getting Centre Ice this year was great for my thirst for hockey, but not for my passion for the Leafs. I have already tired of Greg Millen and his skipping record of color commentary. Bowen seems to be waiting for the Leafs to get down 2-0 so he can say how many times it has happend this year. Which inevitably leads to the stats on:

How many first period goals they have given up
How they're a third period team(who knows how this stat matters when you're down 6-1)
How Grapes called Deveaux a pussy

The one thing that I notice they don't mention anymore is how this "team just never gives up". I haven't seen fight in the Leafs for some time now. Bringing in Brad May is a baffler, especially if you want to bring along younger talent. Kulemin is now stewing in the minors as Holweg(who thought he was a good idea?), Deveaux and May get over 10 mins a night. Give me team of the future, that sucks, not the team of the past, that is embarrassing to watch.

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eyebleaf said...

Kulemin needs to develop. He can do that without the microscope down on the farm. He and Tlusty are big parts of the future.