It seems the only times that I get on here to comment on a game is when the Leafs lose some atrocious, no effort affair. Well, not really, because then I would cover every game.....Highlights include Hagman playing well offensively, but having the bad luck of being in front of Pogge. Kulemin was forechecking like a demon, but Grabovski was content to fall down whenever he was within 10 feet of the puck. Lowpoints include two of the ugliest goals I've seen scored on an "NHL" goaltender in a long time. Pogge's lateral movement is almost non-existent. He was easily 3 feet out of position, including a very soft first goal to a Darcy Tucker wannabe that will be the next Avery without the faux-hawk. All in all a horrific game that the management built up to be an easier test for Pogge and it sure didn't turn out that way. One note for a little lift, at least I'm not an Oilers fan...............

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