What Just Happened?

So all the ingredients were there; the goalie with something to prove, the cast out gulping his last breaths trying to show his worth, and a new goalie that came back from a Mexican vacation where he had issues with beachballs. After the bedshitting was all done, Raycroft's was shittier(especially the goal from behind the net(let's call a spade a spade, they were all crap goals)). I think no Leaf with a point should get too excited about their performance last night. Points against Raycroft are like points against a Bantam C backup goaltender. Don't get me wrong, I still really hate Raycroft and his attitude towards his suckage. The worst part of ever having Raycroft in Toronto was the fact that he let Vesa think it's ok to really not care about bring 43 int the league in stats when there are only 30 teams. I guess the only way to really leave off today is with a resounding SUCK IT ANDREW!

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