Let's roll the bones and see why the Leafs choked last night in the third period(bear with me). *ROLL*

Bruins have never come back from trailing after 2 periods(0-6-2) CHECK!
Tim Thomas has the largest horseshoe stored in his person CHECK!
Michael Ryder has scored once in the shootout EVER. CHECK!
There's a magnet to either side of the Boston net that is turned on whenever Grabovski takes a shot unmolested directly in front of Thomas from 10 feet out and a proven sharp-shooter shoots a foot wide. CHECK!
Toskala was left in the net for the shootout. Click Click BOOM

All these signs led to the Maple Leafs pre-ordained loss to Boston last not.

Not their cruddy defensive positioning on the last two goals.


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eyebleaf said...

The Bruins tied it up with 2 power play goals in the third. Shocking. Absolutely shocking.