Ex-Leafs Getting Their Chances

Brendan Bell, tossed away two years ago after minimal NHL exposure has resurfaced in Ottawa. They are talking like he has a chance to make the roster their, but I think it is a symptom of having nothing to talk about in the slowest part of the year for hockey news. Kyle Wellwood seems to think that he has shown up in game-shape in Vancouver and that he can contribute, especially on the power-play. I DO think that the Leafs gave up on him too soon, but Wellwood dug his own grave. No one forced him to come back from a groin injury. If he had shown up ready to play at camp he probably would have been fine and had a breakout season. But I could just be bitter because he didn't accept me as a friend on Facebook.


Chemmy said...

That would be great if Bell made the Sens, you know, because he sucks.


Hyaena said...

You ever notice the number of goofy looking defensemen in the Leafs system? Jay Harrison?