Back From The Sickness

I've been off for a week with what I'll call "Hockey Sadness". It makes me sad that Jason Blake doesn't get along with Mikhail Grabovski. The saddest part of that is that they are two of our heavyweights with our current lineup. Though I can't vouch for the actual reason for the dust up, I would imagine it had something to do with who had the longer scoring drought recently and this didn't make either one of them laugh. Blake makes a comment about being a ten year vet, while leaving out he's actually only played decent hockey in 4 of those years. I'm sure Mikhail let him know that with his signature two fingered salute. Other things I've missed blogging on; Mikhail's almost hat trick, Kulemin's foot goal, Ondrus trying to fight everyone, Oreskovic being ok, 8 - 6 win over the Flames?????, Gerber being ok-ish, and the Leafs being a zillion points out of the playoffs.

The End.

Or IS it?


Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

Jason Blake post-lockout:

05/06: 57 points
06/07: 69 points
07/08: 52 points
08/09 (66 games): 54 points

Yep, decent hockey in only one of those four years. So, which one?

Hyaena said...

When actually looking at the stats(being publicly scorned for absent-midedly dealing sarcasm about Blake's prowess without doing precise research), Blake has had SIX decent years, but still doesn't make me jump up and want to respect the guy. He's pissy the same way Tucker was(which made me like him less, too).

Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

It wasn't public scorn! You know me, dude, Blake defender for all of Leafs Nation. I love the guy! And I think he's got a bad wrap. He's been pretty damn consistent post-lockout.

I'm sorry if I came across as a douche. Please accept my apologies.

I think Blake is effective when he's pissy, just like Tucker was.

But the whole deal with Grabs is interesting. The two clearly do not get along.

If you want to hug it out, I'm down.

Hyaena said...

That's cool.....I'm a big supporter of mis-communication through internet text. The subtleties of sarcasm and indignation get slaughtered. I like Blake when he's pissy, but wouldn't hang with the guy, you know? Maybe pissing off Mikhail will help him. Although I doubt it, he's been a bust since his cat-fight in Montreal.

7th Woman said...

Blake has always been a good player. In actuality, he only had one really bad year. And that was the one when he began treatment for lukemia.

Cut the guy some slack. He's had to fight for his success all his life. And he's done a damn good job of it.