Leafs Look Sloppy

Good day people. Long time no whine! I have to tell you, it's been a bit of a struggle to get back to writing about the Leafs. When they were winning(a month ago) I was having issues with my PVR, so watching games was a chore. SO, through that, I have seen the Leafs win 2 games. I know that's 40% of their wins, but, come on, throw me a frickin' bone. Not to mention he fact that, living in Victoria, the Habs - Sens game was on THREE channels and I couldn't see the Leafs game, because (I'm assuming) there is no deal in place with Centre Ice for the specific purpose of me getting to see the leafs play when other Canadian teams are winning more games.

Do I have any ideas for the Leafs to start playing better? Sure, thanks for asking!
  • Score.....ever. The Leafs are 2nd last in the conference in goals-for, only leading New Jersey by 6 goals
  • Toronto has only allowed 3 more goals against than for and are 9th in the league in average goals allowed per game at 2.46. Goaltending is (for once) not a problem(you could argue against that stat with the timing of some of those goals against, but that stat is still impressive). This stat doesn't reveal how some of those goals are from mind-numbingly tragic turnovers from the defensive corp. My fix for this is STOP DOING THAT PLEASE....off the glass and out....even Juniors know this
  • 2 of the 31 goals against have been penalty shot and two losses in shootouts. Please practice these skills, it may come up again in the next 69 games
  • All is not lost! A point per game and a few 5 or 6 game streaks and this is still a playoff team(end fantasy time). the Leafs had a great 4 game win streak which can be repeated a few times with some motivation and confidence
  • Speaking of motivation....calling out the players in public has been working so well for two years, Wilson should keep doing that FOR SURE. My fix, hold a few practices. Is it just me or does the schedule seem REALLY lax this year? No excuse to not get the team playing Wilson's "systems"
  • If players aren't performing, start living up to promises that players will be sent down if they don't perform. It wouldn't break my heart to have Zigomanis back in the line up(why was he swapped out for Mitchell? I will always hate that guy, such a waste of decent skillset).
  • I'm not jumping on the Kadri should be playing bandwagon....until Kadri is a point per game in the minors and can play in his own end, I'm not interested.
  • Korbinian Holzer gets a callup for zero points and a minus 5?
  • The day Komisarek is tied in scoring with Kris Versteeg and Tyler Bozak, the coach should be fired....oh LOOK!
I could go on forever because I haven't written this year, but that's enough for today. I need to get a little more focused before the next game......just like the Leafs.


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