2011/12 Season

Hello all, it's been almost a a calendar year since I wrote in this blog. Looking forward to the upcoming season for the Leafs brings out the blind faith in all the downtrodden fans. I too believe the playoffs can be attained. How? Defensive, opportunistic play. If Wilson can't get the team to play his "style" this season, he may well be out of a job by November. Sure, the Leafs haven't had an 0-9-1 start in a few years, but Leafs fans know better than to get their hopes up when the season starts 4-0(or do we?). The new assistant coaches bring their own styles to the positions and special teams that are their lot. Let's see if this can trump the public player bashing that Wilson will surely start into in October. Are you getting the vibe that I'm tired of Wilson's technique? I can't believe I'm the same man that thought Toskala would play better after his groin healed. I may come around yet to the side of the rational, but not until the end of October to see where the Leafs are in the standings(but more importantly, how they look getting to that position). This is more of a "hey I'm still here" post than anything thought provoking. Here's to another season of ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. And probably will....................

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