Holweg Replaces Tucker as Team Pest

Ryan Holweg has replaced half of what Darcy Tucker Brought to the table. Holweg almost exactly matches Tucker's 100 penalty minutes with his 96 PIMs. But Tucker easily trumps Holweg's 4 points with his 34. Now if the Leafs can bring in a 28 goal scorer who can play on the plus side of zero, we will have a complete player. Holweg brings some beef and he's more than willing to drop the gloves. He's another player that brings all 100% every night and isn't afraid to play a little dirty. He'll even take a cross-check in the face for his actions here and there.

I wish Darcy all the best and, like the Ryan Smyth move to Colorado, I'm happy we got his best years before the injury bug took it's toll. Let's sit back and watch to see what Ferguson pulls off next. The 2009 5th round pick from Pittsburgh is actually a pretty small price to pay for a old-time hockey playing brute.

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