The Stamkos Show

With his first entry level contract signed this morning and all the statements made this afternoon, young Steve Stamkos hit the ice with 28 other prospects at the Tampa Bay Lightning Camp. I watched the 3 fifteen minute periods that ended in a 3-1 win for the black team. Stamkos had a few good rushes, with no points. Everyone on the ice wanted to be the guy who passed the puck to him to see what he would do. This kid is fast, three strides and he's half way down the ice. Another player that people were there to see was Ty Wishart. He's big and strong and likes to carry the puck. He also had a few good rushes that ended with the puck on net. I took this photo with our newest camera and the jerseys seem to be somewhat phosphorescent and give the photos the much sought after "Tron" effect. All the kids seem to have some speed. A few standouts for me were: Derek Lee is a fast Center who can get up ice fast, but is on the small side; Justin Courtnall(Geoff's son) is tall and strong winger who could use some meat but has a good stride and isn't afraid to get his nose dirty. It's a pretty quick amount of time to take in where a player sits in his development. I truly gained a lot of respect for scouts. I'm not sure what else is on the schedule for the prospect camp or whether I'll be able to catch it, but tonight was a blast and I wish there was more things around Victoria like this going on. This also inspires me to get to more Salmon Kings games this year. I will update you on that as the season goies on. Have a great Stamkos day!

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