Nieuwendyk Signs As Special Assistant to the GM

One thing is for sure, Joe Nieuwendyk was a hell of a player. He only played one protracted season for the Leafs, but fans hated to see him go. And I, for one, am not impressed that Roberts is still playing and it's not in Toronto(look no further if you are looking for the next TO captain). Thus was the connection between the two. Hopefully Joe can help with all the ridiculousness in the front off(or at least let them know when they're being retarded). I have nothing to go on as to whether Joe has any inkling what to do in a suit. I would be inclined to compare him to Steve Yzerman, and if anything holds true to the comparison, maybe we will see something truly great come of Nieuwendyk in the front office. This may also appear to be a grooming of sorts for Joe to take over next year as GM. I would accept this over the hiring of Brian Burke. But shouldn't they be looking for a true GM. John Ferguson is case in point of trying to groom someone into the job. Especially if they are given "autonomy".

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