Lack Of Star Factor Apparent

On a night when your favorite team is playing against a true bottom feeder, playing their rookie goaltender, it's a great time to notice that they no longer have any gamebreakers. Jason Blake was already on a downslide before Moore left, Antropov carried his line and I think there is a missing persons out on Stajan. Watching Matt Stajan play lately makes me miss Alex Steen(which is grounds for removal from my blogging privileges). The lack of a true difference maker was appallingly clear sitting through the give-away-fest last night. Alfredsson walking in and blasting a slapshot over Cujo uncontested spoke to the inadequacies of this floundering Leafs team. I am thinking that the tank may be started in earnest for all those waiting for it. Gerber is set to start against the Islanders tonight. Watching two teams with nothing to lose should be a spectacle similar to 2nd graders fighting under the monkey bars. Hopefully we can at least get a 7-6 blowout instead of waiting 2 periods for a goal, as has been customary the last month or so. Prediction: 5-2 Islanders.


7th Woman said...

Looks like you had to FIGHT the full 60 minutes for those 2 points from the "bottom feeders."

The Isles may be 30th, but it doesn't mean they're an easy team to play against. Especially not for another team that is also struggling.

Hyaena said...

I should clarify that I was referring to the Sens as being bottom feeders. I don't consider McDonald a rookie :) Although I stand by the "2nd graders" comment. Two of the goals were scored from 40 to 50 feet out(one by each team).